Hurtin’ Harvey

This little guy got stung or bit by something in the back yard, and was reacting badly…he seemed woozy and shaky. He was brought to the emergency vet where they examined him and determined it may have just been his scare/shock of the sudden bite/sting, and not the bite/sting itself, since there was no sign of swelling. They put him on Benadryl for 5 days just in case, which has made him a bit sleepier than normal.

It’s never easy to see your dog scared or in pain, especially when they’re this small. It breaks my heart. While the experience shook us up, I’m relieved he seems to be ok.

6 thoughts on “Hurtin’ Harvey

  1. I know – witnessing an animal in pain or distress really eats up one’s attention and emotions, and it gets deep down when it’s one of one’s own. Poor li’l Harvey! He ought to be ever so grateful to have you as protector and I’m sure he’ll have the faith in you to carry him through this. Recover quickly, little fella – and you’ll soon forget what happened.


  2. I hope he’s going to be fine. I freak over little things like the water delivery guy scaring Torrie. She hid in the kitty condo for a few hours after that happened this afternoon.


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