Gay ol’ time

To once again show the strength and depth of our friendship, I accepted an invitation to spend the weekend in Ptown with the BF. We arrived moments ago and climbed our way up to a small room on the third floor of the Gifford House, to discover a not too terrible view:

I suppose I’ll have to suffer through another sunny weekend by the bay, sipping cocktails and people watching. Oh well, what are BFs for, if not to share your misery?

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5 Responses to Gay ol’ time

  1. That’s an incredible view. Enjoy your time there!


  2. Ravager619 says:

    Nice! I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  3. Ron says:

    I am SOO jealous!


  4. wish I had a BF like that! sassybear is VERY lucky indeed to have BF!


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