Say what?

That’s my struggle and has been for some time: wanting very much to write regular, interesting blog posts but I just can’t seem to do much more than post my itinerary lately.

I made it through another dreadful week at work, so we celebrated by having dinner Friday night with friends at a new local gluten free friendly restaurant.

Saturday, we attended a birthday party for a friend turning 50. We met some new people and had an enjoyable couple of hours chatting with them.

Today, we had a relaxing morning, then made a spontaneous last minute dash to a movie theater to see “Incredibles 2.” (Best part of the movie was Jack-Jack’s fight with a Raccoon.)

I have a 4 day work week ahead, then a fun-filled weekend planned with the BF on the Cape.

Oo bla dee oo bla da life goes on.

8 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. It’s okay. I’ve been struggling myself over here. I’m going to do another post either later tonight or tomorrow night with more deets on my father.


  2. You’re a good writer. I find all your blog posts interesting. You write about your life. Because of your natural narrative style of writing you make that interesting. Enjoy the Cape! I miss it so much. I hope to visit at least one more time.


  3. LOVED Incredibles 2! Superman is a fanboy of Incredibles (has written a couple of fanfics), plus Frozen, Tangled, Moana, Beauty and the Beast…

    I hope your week is better than bearable and that you have a wonderful weekend.


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