Giraffe Attack

I set out this weekend to locate a comfy chair for our bedroom to put in the corner that used to be occupied by the dogs’ crates before we stopped crating them during the day.

While I found no chair, I did find some new Giraffe pieces.

This is an adorable little wooden giraffe clock for our living room. Sometime last year, we replaced our more expensive DVR Cable Box with one that is more basic (because 99.9% of what we watch is through our Apple TV and various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.) The new box does not have a digital clock on it. When visiting, the BF (Jim) constantly complains that we have no clock in our living room (despite the 3 – 9 digital devices with clocks that we have in our living room at any given time.) So now this little guy sits in our living room and the BF will have to find something else to complain about.


This beverage dispenser was on the clearance shelf at a favorite homegoods store of ours. I spent about a half second debating whether I should get it or not. Holy crap…I can’t WAIT to use this at my next cocktail night or cook-out.


And it must have been kismet – this book showed up in my mail this weekend:


It was accompanied by a sweet note from fellow blogger and friend Anne Marie in Philly, aka From My Brain to My Mouth:


Man, talk about a pick me up. This made my whole weekend. Thanks so much AM! You rock.

8 thoughts on “Giraffe Attack

  1. I love the new giraffe items, and if you had told us you didn’t get the drink dispenser I wouldn’t ever had let you live that one down. I think it would be perfect for the enclosed patio. Fill ‘er up, and relax with Jeffrey, the dogs, and any friends that are visiting.


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