Noises off

The innocent looking princess above got me up at 4:30am when it started to thunder and downpour, two things that send Rita Mae into a pseudo-panic attack.

First the intense shaking starts. Then, the loud panting. Finally, the inability to sit or lay still sets in, and any hope for going back to sleep is thrown out the window.

Rather than fight the inevitable, I got up with her (and always has to tag-a-long little brother Harvey) and moved to the couch, where they both instantly settled down and went right back to sleep, leaving me wide awake.

I’ve been watching episodes of “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee” for the past 4 hours while my dogs sleep on top of me and my husband continues to sleep soundly in bed, interrupted.

My stomach just rumbled loudly, waking Rita and causing her to start shaking. (Which is when I took the above picture of her, looking all pensive.) She must have thought it was more thunder, which scared her awake.


Why should I be the only one awake in this house?

8 thoughts on “Noises off

  1. Poor little Rita M.! Few things are more distressing than seeing an animal in distress, much moreso when it’s your own beloved one. At least she knows where it’s safe and she’s protected, though the comfort of knowing it will hardly assist you with sleeping. Nevertheless, wishing you more peaceful slumbers.


  2. I still remember when a bolt of lightning struck a power station that used to be down the street. It scared Ricky (RIP) so bad he was still shaking a half hour later. My cats will wake me up every so often, but luckily I’ve been able to fall back asleep soon afterward.


  3. I love Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I watched a few episodes before going to bed last night.
    Though I feel bad for poor Rita Mae and her anxiety with the loud noises, I think it’s kinda funny that your rumbly tummy set her off.
    Noises Off is one of Clint’s favorite shows. We have the video version with Carol Burnett and John Ritter.


  4. I love it when you post pictures of your dogs. Murphy doesn’t like thunder either and he will usually get in bed with me and lay on top of me (He’s 100 lbs). He then drools and pants until the storm passes. I talk to him and pet him. The other night when I couldn’t sleep (I just wrote a post about my insomnia) I came downstairs and tried to sleep on the couch, thinking a different venue would help. It didn’t. In my frustration after laying there for over an hour, I let out a brief sob. Murphy came over and sat down on the couch with me. He is so big that he sits on the couch like a person. He stayed with me until it was light out. I guess we have a symbiotic relationship!


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