Wee! Kend.

It was a fun weekend.

We headed to Hartford CT Friday night to have dinner with the BF and BFH at a favorite Pub (Tisane’s)

Saturday morning, I dragged the hubby and BF to Worcester MA for a Gluten Free Expo at the DCU Center

It was awesome and we headed home with bags full of free samples, purchases and tons of coupons for GF products.

Saturday night, the BF and BFH invited another couple to join us for a cookout, cocktails and a Cards Against Humanity game night.

I spent so much of the night laughing so hard my stomach muscles (I’d never lie and call them abs) still hurt today.

We headed home this morning, exhausted and exhilarated from a great weekend. We decided a quiet day of movies with the dogs was in order.

First up, we watched “Hotel Transylvania”

Followed by the sequel “Hotel Transylvania 2”

I’ve agreed to see “Hotel Transylvania 3” with the BF, so I needed to catch up. They were cute and fun films and, although predictable, had several cute moments that had me chuckling. (And the first movies I’ve ever enjoyed featuring Adam Sandler.)

We ended the movie fest with the Pixar film “Coco”

This film caught us by surprise. We loved it and will be seeing it again. A much needed feel good, heart strings tugging Adventure about the importance of family, music, memories and bring true to yourself.

We also registered for IDs in the hopes of snagging a couple passes to the 2019 San Diego Comic Con next July when they become available. Why should Fearsome Beard have all the fun?

10 thoughts on “Wee! Kend.

  1. What a fun weekend!
    I haven’t seen the Hotel Transylvania movies, but Clint says the first one was good. I LOVED Coco, and yes, I was surprised at how much I liked it.
    Congrats on the haul from the Gluten Free expo. What a good idea.
    I went kinda crazy on Amazon Prime day and got myself a Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box with three expansion packs. Got a good deal, but you know how when you get a good deal on something, and something else, and oh! I’ve wanted one of those for a long time, and I know we need that, too… and all those good deals add up to a lot of money spent? Yeah, that happened. But we have a really good CAH collection now, and my daughter and son-in-law are here for the week and we’re gonna take advantage, you know?


  2. I loved Coco and have seen it twice! It caught me by surprise as well.
    I sure hope you get tix for next year. We will have a jolly of a time. Maybe we can get Dr. Spo and Someone to pop over to San Diego as well even if they aren’t going to Comic-Con.


  3. I’m glad you had a great weekend. I’m thinking about registering for 2019 SDCC passes myself. I would love to go there to get some artwork once I buy a place.


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