Weeking Havoc

It’s been a struggle to get through the work week (again).  I swear this job is actually killing me. (Well, not the job, so much as the people I have to work with.) But  I survived it and feel this a weekend is well-earned. It’s going to be warm and a bit muggy here, so I am considering pulling out my giraffe pool again. (I forgot to share this picture of it from the fourth of July when we inflated and filled it to soak our feet in while sipping cocktails. If you hook the hose up to his neck, he sprays water out his nose.)


I discovered this week that these ice creams exists, but they’re not gluten free so I’ll never find out if eating them will give me super powers.


This is the latest audiobook I’m currently enjoying on my drive to and from work. It’s read by Mr. Burroughs himself. I had previously read this (and all of his other books) but I discovered something I would never have from just reading the books: I am totally crushing on his voice.


Anyway, back to the weekend. I tend to get up close to normal time on weekends (5:00 AM-ish) Less by choice and more because that’s when Harvey gets up – and when Harvey’s up, you’re up, too. Sometimes the hubby gets up with the dogs and lets me sleep, but its usually me. I really don’t mind. It’s often the only time out of the whole week I get to myself and I love the early morning peace and quiet. I also got to enjoy a cup of coffee on the back porch before things got too warm and sticky out.

This is my view to the left …


This is the view to the right …


Not too  shabby for a suburban neighborhood, eh?

And, of course, I had my source of consumable willpower.


Plus, I had the best company a guy could ask for, although they were more interested in patrolling the outdoor patio and yard for critters and creatures than hanging on the screen porch with me.


Saturday mornings are also my time for reading my weekly digital comic book stash:






I’ve adjusted quite well to the digital format and don’t miss having to make a special trip to the comic store, bagging and boarding books, and having to file them away. (A lot of work when you have 10,000+ books.) Having said that, I still have about a 100 print copy issues I need to fill in my (printed) collection. As luck would have it, I got a “please come back” offer in my e-mail last night with a 25% discount code for a website from which I use to make frequent purchases. I decided to take a look  at their inventory (big mistake) and did a little damage, knocking 18 books off my want list. I am excited to get them in the mail next week and to getting a little closer to clearing off my want list.

When I have rough work weeks, my grooming goes all to hell. I barely have the energy to get up, shower, dress, and get out of the house, let alone taking the extra time and making the extra effort to shave my head and trim my beard (yup, some of us still prefer the old trimmed look…I know that’s not the new trend but then, I’ve never been accused of being trendy.)  So I was looking a bit…unshorn and scruffy this morning.

Before S

Nothing a long hot shower and fresh razor blade couldn’t fix, though.  Ah…much better!

After s

I have an old college friend (and ex-ballroom, folk, and square dance partner) coming for an overnight visit, today. She’ll arrive this afternoon, and we’ll hang out and catch up a bit before heading out for dinner and  cocktails. Since she’s staying over, we’ll get more time to hang out (and have night caps, of course, since no one’s driving.) Should be fun.

Thanks for stopping by and catching up on my mundane goings on.

Hope you all have a peaceful, fun and safe weekend.


8 thoughts on “Weeking Havoc

  1. You have a giraffe pool? Yeah, I’m jealous. I won’t dare use the one in my complex. The pool guys uses too much chlorine and other stuff and my skin itches afterward. I used to buy Titans but jumped off after the break in May. I might get back to it since a lot of the miniseries I’ve picked up at the store are ending now.


  2. Nice cosy screened porch and back yard. Plastic Man! Brings back fond memories. One of my favorite comic books when I was a ten year old paper boy. Wish my Mother hadn’t thrown out all my comic books when I went into the Army at 18 years old. Imagine what they would be worth today. I only had abut eighty but they were all originals and in excellent condition, including many Crypt Keeper comics that were eventually banned. I LOVED those comic books. Show you how strange I am, I even had Katy Keene and Mary Worth comic books. Oh yes, I was an addict. All gone now though.


  3. Hmmm, imagine how bendy Plastic Man would be in the sack.

    The pool is adorable. Do the puppies like the water? Some dogs do, many don’t.

    I like your face. It’s a good-looking face.


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