Justice Leisure

Today was a Pass Day and Remicade infusion Day. After my 7:30-9:45 infusion, I headed home, started laundry, and relaxed with the dogs …

…while watching some of my favorite DC Comics animated movies:

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox:

Someone changes events of the past, setting off a chain of events leading to a very different, dangerous world, torn apart by warring Amazons and Atlantans. Is the Flash’s nemesis, the Reverse Flash, to blame, or was it someone else? More importantly, can the Flash fix things before Aquaman or Wonder Woman kill what’s left of the rebellion?

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths:

There are an infinite number of Earths. On one of them, evil versions of the heroes we know use their powers to subjugate the world. Can the Justice League stop the equally powerful Crime Syndicate? If not, both Earths’ only chance may well be…Lex Luthor?

Justice League: The New Frontier:

As new Superheroes surface, they face the Fifties: End of the Korean War, the Cold War, Communism, the KKK, Paranoia, and something even more sinister seeking the destruction of mankind. Can these fledgling heroes survive the dawn of a new age and come together in time to form a league strong enough to battle the darkness that wants to end everything?

3 thoughts on “Justice Leisure

  1. That is a wonderful day to spend the day. I’ve seen the first one, and own a digital copy of the last one. I still need to watch the second one.


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