Deflated on the Fourth

While I’m not feeling cheerful or optimistic about the state of our country or those who are dismantling all that makes it great on this Independence Day, I am still able to find hope through images and ideals that have sustained me through a life of turmoil and challenges.

Keep on fighting the good fight. Even a single match can light the way in the darkest night.

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6 Responses to Deflated on the Fourth

  1. Urspo says:

    well said! I am betting if any one can do it, it is the Wonder Women.


  2. Thank you. Let’s fight the Good fight.


  3. #3 – where is our superman?


  4. Looks like the comic community is ahead of the curve.



  5. Ravager619 says:

    Oh, I’m armed with a flame thrower and a Red Lantern ring. Let’s do this.


  6. Ron says:

    Hopefully, I am worried though.


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