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Hello from the Cape…as in Cape Cod…as in Provincetown (aka PTown) Massachusetts. I’m here with the BF for a “wives’ get away.” While our husbands are home enjoying the peace and solitude of having the houses and pets to themselves, we are suffering here in the sunny, 70+ degree weather, shopping, people watching, cocktailing, and all the other difficulties of being on a mini get away. Actually, the BF and the BFH just bought a condominium in Ptown, and the BF had to come up to do some moderation, housekeeping, and reorganizing (as they will be renting out the condo part of the time) so I selflessly offered myself up as travel companion and weekend company. I’m thoughtful like that.

While there have been no amazing finds or big purchases, the BF did gift me with this little addition to my (heretofore mentioned) Giraffe collection:


Henry Roderick Coleman, the HRC Giraffe, will be joining his Giraffe family as soon as I can get through this agonizing, torturous, painful weekend on the Cape. (He He He!)

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