World Giraffe Day 2018

Today is World Giraffe Day so, of course, I must recognize the day.

From the website:

“World Giraffe Day is an annual event to celebrate the longest-necked animal on the longest day or night (depending on which hemisphere you live!) of the year – 21 June – every year!”

What better way to recognize the day than to don my favorite giraffe shirt, made for me by Dr. Spo for a birthday gift 2 years ago. (I’m holding Morpheus, a giraffe buddy I received a few years ago while in the hospital recovering from surgery. I was basking in the wonders of morphine when I named him. Go figure.)

For those not in the know, aside from being a rabid comic book fan and dog lover, I am a collector of, and have great affection for, giraffes. The fascination started only 6 years ago, almost out of the blue, but my house has become giraffe central, as is evidenced by the following pictures I took this morning around the house:

So celebrate the day: put your neck out for someone, walk tall, dream big, and enjoy a tall drink!

10 thoughts on “World Giraffe Day 2018

  1. My goodness! I’m asking myself if you’re unique in this particular fascination and affection. You’re certainly rare, so it’s all the more welcome. Something to be proud of without doubt. Walk tall, S/b, VERY tall!


  2. That is a great shirt and an impressive collection. My anthropologist/professor friend collected giraffes. I found a coffee table that had a top of Camel cigarette packages decoupaged to the top. She loved it.


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