World Giraffe Day 2018

Today is World Giraffe Day so, of course, I must recognize the day.

From the website:

“World Giraffe Day is an annual event to celebrate the longest-necked animal on the longest day or night (depending on which hemisphere you live!) of the year – 21 June – every year!”

What better way to recognize the day than to don my favorite giraffe shirt, made for me by Dr. Spo for a birthday gift 2 years ago. (I’m holding Morpheus, a giraffe buddy I received a few years ago while in the hospital recovering from surgery. I was basking in the wonders of morphine when I named him. Go figure.)

For those not in the know, aside from being a rabid comic book fan and dog lover, I am a collector of, and have great affection for, giraffes. The fascination started only 6 years ago, almost out of the blue, but my house has become giraffe central, as is evidenced by the following pictures I took this morning around the house:

So celebrate the day: put your neck out for someone, walk tall, dream big, and enjoy a tall drink!

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10 Responses to World Giraffe Day 2018

  1. That is a great shirt and an impressive collection. My anthropologist/professor friend collected giraffes. I found a coffee table that had a top of Camel cigarette packages decoupaged to the top. She loved it.


  2. Urspo says:

    I am so happy you enjoy the shirt; I am honored so.


  3. you look FABULOUS in that spo shirt!


  4. I love how you ended your post. Walk tall and dream big…good pieces of advice!


  5. renudepride says:

    I did not even know such a holiday existed! Thanks for the education and for sharing your collection! Happy World Giraffe Day! Naked hugs!


  6. Ravager619 says:

    They are such majestic animals, and I love the shirt!


  7. Raybeard says:

    My goodness! I’m asking myself if you’re unique in this particular fascination and affection. You’re certainly rare, so it’s all the more welcome. Something to be proud of without doubt. Walk tall, S/b, VERY tall!


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