Happy Doggy Daddy Day

To all my fellow pet parents:

Happy Doggy Daddy Day!

While I did not have a positive or healthy relationship with my own male biological parent (who is now deceased and not missed in the least) and I have never had the slightest interest in having (human) children of my own, I am a happy Doggy Daddy and feel immense (possibly unhealthy) levels of pride, love and gratitude for my canine kids. So for Father’s Day, I like to celebrate my pups for making me a proud puppy poppa by spoiling them with a special breakfast and extra love and attention. (Side note: which is pretty much how I celebrate them every day.)

10 thoughts on “Happy Doggy Daddy Day

  1. Prize-winners both (if there was any justice) captured on prize-winning pics. How could anyone fail to be infinitely proud of this pair of living treasures, and want to smother them in hugs and kisses? Lovely, lovely little doggies.


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