Despite knowing better, Jeffrey and I indulged in a cocktail tonight, even though it’s a “school night.” It’s been a loooong stressful week…and it’s only Tuesday!

While sipping on my Pear Cosmo, I looked over to see Rita staring at me. I couldn’t tell if it was judgement or jealousy coming out of those beautiful eyes (We have discovered Rita is fond of the taste of alcohol, so we have to be careful around her not to give her access to any.)

While she did not get a taste of tonight’s caustic concoctions, she did get some cheese, bacon, and chicken nibbles, so she made out pretty good!

9 thoughts on “Marga-Rita

  1. Interesting that Rita likes the taste of alcohol. I wonder how common that is in dogs. For that matter, our dog Oreo liked beer quite a bit. We didn’t give him more than about a teaspoon, and that only occasionally. You know, a little treat.
    But it sounds like Rita had some good treats, too, even though none of them were alcoholic.


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