Late to the show

In an act of rebellion, I’m staying up late tonight to watch the Tony Awards, which I usually miss because they’re on too late. I don’t care about the awards, I just like watching it for the musical numbers from the Broadway shows, most of which I’ll probably never get to see.

I’ll probably be tired, hungover, and cranky tomorrow, but given the juvenile crap I have to put up with every day from my co-workers who behave like 6 year olds, they deserve it!

7 thoughts on “Late to the show

  1. All you need to do is to hang a “In conference. Do NOT disturb” sign on your door, then shut the door and (if possible) lock it. Then periodically check emails for any important messages and perhaps every hour venture out in a frantic dash to the water fountain/restroom. That should forestall any unpleasantness during your day. Naked hugs!


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