Grin and Bare it!

I saw this, this weekend, and thought of my fellow naturist and blogger ReNude Pride


It amazes me that it freaks people out when they learn I (and other people) enjoy social naturism.  Recently, there was an event posted on Facebook aimed at naturists: a local tourist attraction was having a naturist night (yay!) and several of my friends posted negative, joking, and/or insulting comments about it. I reached out to each of them and asked why they felt the need to be negative about something just because it wasn’t an activity that interested them, and why they were insulting people who practice naturism. Like many other practices and beliefs, people have a right to enjoy naturism and be naturists without being ridiculed or mocked for it. I hope I changed some attitudes about it and my friends will think twice before making such derogatory statements in the future. After all, there’s nothing shameful about being naked or being comfortable in your own skin. People choose to dress and cultivate their personal appearance in all kinds of ways: beards, tattoos, piercings, clothes styles, shoe styles, nail colors, make-up, hair styles, hair colors, shaving everything, etc. This is just another way some people choose to express themselves, and choosing to wear nothing is still a choice about personal appearance and style. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re not comfortable being naked, alone or with others, so be it. Don’t judge others because they are.

And, hey….don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Naked Hugs!

8 thoughts on “Grin and Bare it!

  1. I’ve never been one for that. However I do follow a naturopath lifestyle to some degree. That means high quality food ingredients – not using plastic throw away grocery bags, having all my lighting from CFL and LED sources.


  2. The only times I’ve been bare-all naked were in ‘The English Gardens (name of very large park) in Munich in the 1980s, where everyone was doing it, giving the area a well-earned reputation (‘notorious’, to some) – and a gay beach in the Netherlands – Zandfoort, to be precise. I’ve not done it, I think, in England – I mean we’re not counting those distant past times when one was drunk, are we? 😉


  3. Nothing wrong with being naked, unless you have the blinds open and live in a apartment or condo complex. My BFF has a story about that… *giggles*


  4. Awesome post and assessment, my blogging friend! Good for you! As a man who doesn’t prefer clothing, I applaud your openness. Great job! Take care and stay bare – and also a naked hug! 🙂


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