Dog nap

All the running around in the sunny back yard has tired Harvey and Rita Mae out, making them dog tired. (This misleadingly peaceful image doesn’t convey the cacophony of Rita Mae’s snoring, however.) I imagine I’ll be joining them by tomorrow night.

We went to an Antique Show and Flea Market this morning, at a nearby Fair Ground, then hit a few Garage Sales on the way home, since a village we passed through ( Melrose) was having their Annual village-wide garage sale today. No exciting finds, but it was nice to be out for the morning and part of the afternoon browsing in the sunshine. Tonight we have dinner and a visit with friends and tomorrow we go see “Avengers: Infinity War.” A busier weekend than usual for us, but I like all the activity, especially after the work-week from hell.

What are your favorite kind of weekends?

6 thoughts on “Dog nap

  1. I have a few different kinds of favorite weekend activities. One of them includes snuggling up with the pup (when we had one) or the cat if she deigns to join me, and have a lovely nap. Another is to poke around antique shops, thrift stores, and garage sales. (Around here they’re usually called yard sales, and I know in some places the phrase tag sale is more common.) Superman and I are, as I type, discussing a day trip to Asheville, NC (2 hour drive) the weekend after Mother’s Day to visit Biltmore Estates. They’re opening an exhibit of Chihuly art glass that week, to run through October, and we want to see it. I also want to avoid going between June and August because 1) too many other vacationers including children (bless their hearts) and 2) the heat. Today I had the requisite nap and have accomplished some cleaning and organizing around the house. Also laundry. Not a favorite thing to do on the weekend, but necessary.


  2. My favorite weekends we do our grocery shopping. Usually an 85 mile route. Then sometimes visit friends. But then I get to chill the hell out – headphones on, music on. Good. And cat by my side.


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