I’ve had the same, original picture on my license since I first got it when I was 18:

Since I can renew my license on line, I never had to go in to the DMV to get a new license; hence, no new picture taken.

This has become an issue as I’ve gotten older, because I look less and less like my license picture. The first time it caused a hassle, I was in Montreal Canada trying to check into a B&B, which required showing my ID, and the manager chastised me for having a picture ID that didn’t look like me.

More and more, l

ately, when I’ve had to produce my ID for various things (eg at the Airport) the people checking it have scrutinized it with questioning looks. Further, Airports are now requiring enhanced licenses, with special markings and encoded data, for passengers, so it was time to bite the bullet and go into a DMV for an enhanced license and a new picture.

My new enhanced license came yesterday and, for better or worse, it does look more like me:

Now I can return to Montreal, Fly, or present my ID when necessary without trepidation.


14 thoughts on “Li-sense

  1. Your early pic must’ve been taken before you’d had your first shave, and had just been told you needed one. I prefer the ‘new’ image.


  2. It’s everyday life in a world so obsessed with security. However, I recently had to have my drivers license replaced and dutifully brought the requisite 2 photo ID’s in order to complete the process. My ID was never questioned nor requested. I was in and out the DMV in under an hour. Now that’s scary! Naked hugs!


  3. Since I’ve never commented here before, this is going to be a lousy thing to say, but you kind of look like a cute serial killer. No offense. I should talk. Mine looks like a grumpy Samoan man, which sort of hurts since I’m a grumpy black woman. Should’ve worn that flowerdy shirt over my head. Seriously, you are cute in both pictures.


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