No Rocking in the Schoolhouse today

logo - Schoolhouse Rock

Bob Dorough, the jazz musician who was instrumental in the 1970s educational cartoon series “Schoolhouse Rock!” died Monday at age 94.

If you grew up watching Saturday morning Cartoons, the image above should invoke a sense of nostalgia in you. I loved Schoolhouse Rock when I was younger, and knew all the words to all the songs, including “the Preamble ” which earned me bonus points on my highschool social studies regency exam because I knew the Preamble by heart (and if you sat near me during that exam, you could even hear me quietly humming the tune to recall the lyrics.)

I have never stopped loving these tunes. I had the VHS set (which I passed on to a teacher I worked with when I was an educational assistant in the 80s, who introduced her classroom to it as part of her lesson plans,) then the CD set and, finally, the DVD set of cartoons. All of the songs are in my iTune Library. I have seen the stage show 3 times,and even enjoyed the tribute  album, “Schoolhouse Rocks!” produced years later.  I still crank these tunes and sing at the top of my lungs to them.

Thanks for a lifetime of entertainment, Bob.


4 thoughts on “No Rocking in the Schoolhouse today

  1. Oh, GOD, yes!
    … Nummmberrrr NII-uh-iiine … will really put you … on the spot.
    … Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?
    … I’m just a Bill, yes, I’m only a Bill, and I’m sitting here on Capital Hill …

    So many great memories. And, yes, I memorized the Preamble the same way. Thanks for letting us know.


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