Drinking problem?

This is my liquid routine each morning;

A glass of water with juice from half a fresh squeezed lemon. (Helps hydrate the body in the morning and aids digestion.)

A shot glass of half Apple Cider Vinegar, half Water. (Currently taken to help reduce my cold symptoms and shorten the cold’s duration, but also good for digestion.)

A cup of Cherry Juice. (To ward off gout.)

A dose of liquid vitamin. (I absorb liquids better than solid vitamins.)

Water (for my handful of pills and general hydration.)

A travel mug of coffee. (Because I’m not getting out the door each day at 5:45am without it.)

9 thoughts on “Drinking problem?

  1. I sorta do something similar. A 10oz coffee with breakfast. Water throughout the day. Crystal Light for lunch. I might do a chai latte for my mid afternoon break if it’s not too hot. I may also do Gatorade throughout the day, too.


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