Weekend Warm Up

We started the weekend with a car ride to Saratoga. The weather was sunny and relatively warm (53 degrees). It was surreal, because it really seemed like it was going to be cold forever. But this was what greeted us on the road:

It was amazing to see and feel sunshine again.

This is what we picked up in Saratoga:

The last 3 giraffe shot glasses I needed for my set of 8:

The store I get them from only gets a few in at a time so it’s taken me several months and trips to complete my set.

We also want to a favorite gift shop and picked up these fun coffee table books:

No doubt I’ll be sharing tidbits from these books in future blog posts.

Once home, we started cleaning off our porch and patio, something we had hoped to have done before our guests arrived last weekend, but the cold just persisted until this weekend.

We started by taking down the plastic we put up each fall to keep the snow from blowing into our screened in porch:

This was the shambles our porch and patio space was in:

As always, Harvey was there to help:

We had to clean off the patio stone where some naughty puppies left their mark during the winter months, when it was too cold and wet to go into the snow filled yard. While I did that, Jeffery ran the lawn mower to mulch up some leaves that had been buried under the (finally disappeared) snow. Then we cleaned off the furniture but we couldn’t set it up yet because we had to let the patio dry overnight.

Today, after a lazy morning watching episodes of Teen Wolf while we waited for the temps to get into the 50s again, we put the patio and porch back together:

Much better, don’t you think? We’re hoping to grill our first meal of the year outside tonight and possibly enjoy a celebratory cocktail that winter is finally, really, gone.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Warm Up

  1. Much better! I wish it were in the 50s where I’m at. It’s been in the high 80s the past two days and I don’t feel like running the vacuum cleaner until after sunset.

    I’ll take a Cosmo too.


  2. Oh my! It looks lovely!
    Honestly, as inviting as the porch and patio appear now, I really enjoyed our last little blast of winter when we were there the weekend before.

    The forecast high for the day of Light’s wedding was 53 degrees. It was the _Most Beautiful_ day I could imagine, weather-wise. I’ll soon write a post about the wedding and week preceding it. Tonight we’re in Bristol,VA overnight, will drive the rest of the way home tomorrow. We’re incredibly tired. But I wanted to check in, see what you guys are up to before I go to bed.


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