Cold comfort

It’s April 18th and not a warm day in sight. 50 degrees will actually be a high for us, at least until early next week. While I normally shame anyone in the Northeast for complaining about the cold and snow that is a normal part of our weather cycle, this year has been exceptionally cold for a longer period of time, and even I’m starting to fray around the edges and lose my cool for the cold. To add salt to the wound, there’s more snow a comin’. I’m starting to fear we’ve seen the last of a proper spring or fall in these parts and that summer will be way too short, if it arrives at all.

Sigh. Anybody in the warmer regions need a housebear? (Must love dogs and cosmos.)

8 thoughts on “Cold comfort

  1. Oh, if only our house was set up for guests! We’d love to host a couple of House Bears and their dogs. Unfortunately, it’s not. Our “guest room” is being used by Sproing.


  2. I know what you mean, SB. We’ve been “camping” in a yurt in Yellow Creek State Park near Indiana. It was snowing when we got here. It snowed Monday night, and Tuesday (hard) though it only stuck to things that weren’t part of the ground. Still, it barely made it above freezing until today. There is still snow everywhere. Lucy is quite tired of it.
    Also, our yurt is QUITE far from the bath-house. Far enough that we need to drive to it. It’s a nice bath-house, warm and well-appointed, but not NEARLY as close as we’d like.
    Let me thank you again for your AWESOME hospitality during our visit! I can’t remember when we had a nicer time away from home.


  3. Oh, we’re getting colder weather over her for a bit. It hasn’t hit 70 in a few days, and we’re getting rain tomorrow. Not only that, but the flowers and trees are really confused right now. We should be well into Spring at this point.


  4. You’re not alone, my friend. We here in DE are also experiencing an unwelcoming lingering of winter. It looks like this will be one of those years when we go straight from winter to summer with little to no experience of spring. Hang in there!!


  5. I seriously doubt a houseboat would solve anything. With the accuracy of your description throughout our region, I image there would be enough seekers to fill the proverbial ark! Naked hugs!


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