Guest Work

We’ve been enjoying a wonderful weekend reconnecting with Java and Superman. They arrived late afternoon Friday and we celebrated our reunion with dinner out at a local (and new favorite) Vietnamese Restaurant.  Then we came home and had cocktails and stayed up way too late talking.

Saturday, after breakfast, we headed to Vermont, hitting a few favorite antique shops along the way. Of course, I had to make it a “say something hat day” but, since my usual partner in crime, the BF Jim, was not along, I had to draw Jeffrey into my shenanigans:

By the time we got back into the area, it was dinner time, so we stopped at Slidin’ Dirty (a beer and burger pub) for dinner. The service was slow, but we were there at peak dinner time on a Saturday and it was very crowded, so it was to be expected.

We came home, built a fire, whipped up cocktails, and settled in for a double feature: “Bolt!” and “Practical Magic” once again staying up way too late.

This morning we all needed a more relaxing day, so we had breakfast, watched another movie (“Kinky Boots”) and then napped. Tonight we’ll be having fondue and cocktails for our final night together before they hit the road tomorrow.

I hope we’ve been as good hosts as they have been guests.

6 thoughts on “Guest Work

  1. I will have to say this has been one of the most pleasant, most relaxing, most intellectually stimulating visits I’ve had since … well … probably since the Blogapalooza. Sean and Jeffrey have been the very soul and essence of accommodating, and their place is gorgeous. We must-must-must do this again! I want to move up to this area. The land is beautiful (and it ISN’T South Carolina).


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