Nailed it

Today, continuing on the beautification process for the puppies, we took the kids to get their nails did.

This is Harvey, post nail clipping, with his proud papa:

And this is Rita Mae, harnessed and waiting for her manicure:

They’re both always (surprisingly) calm and well behaved for the groomers and the vet. (But they make up for it by being scamps at home.)

After we got home from the groomers, I vacuumed out and wiped down my car interior, doing my best attempt at a poor man’s detailing. It’s been too cold to do it before now.

It’s been a busy week of puppy prep and chores with still more to do.

Whatever could we be preparing for?

(Stay tuned.)

5 thoughts on “Nailed it

  1. And quite rightly proud too!
    Harvey looks as if hes not sure what he’s just been through, while Rita Mae is saying “Oh, what a bore!”


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