Jury – rigged

Last week, I received a summons for Jury duty for this week (“for the duration of one week or one trial if selected.”). While I begrudgingly accept my obligation to participate in the process, I hate the (possible) disruption to my life and the nightly agitation as I dial the number to find out if I have to attend the next day.

If I am called in, I hope I do not get selected to serve for a trial. Partly because it would be extremely disruptive to my job and office where I have just been promoted to manager (and, to a lesser degree, my personal life,) and partly because having to go to new places and navigate new situations (especially alone) fills me with extreme anxiety.

I was relieved to find out I do not have to attend today, and hope my luck holds out for the rest of the week. If I do get called this week, maybe I should wear the following t-shirt, to ensure my exclusion:

6 thoughts on “Jury – rigged

  1. I used to get that summons every 12-18 months, but I have not been solicited for jury duty ever since I took my current position. Perhaps it’s because I now draw a salary vs an hourly wage. I find that odd, but I don’t do the selections.


  2. Jury selection in a “snake bite” injury case, one of the prospective jurors responded to a question with “the snake wouldn’t have bit him if he didn’t have evil in his heart,” it was the end jury selection, the judge cleared the courtroom and started over again the next day. It is amazing the things jurors say.


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