It IS easy being Green

It was a rough day at work. The person who was passed over for the promotion in favor of me is trying their best to make everyone around them miserable at work and is apparently dragging my name through the mud on the Facebooks. It’s sad and a little pathetic, and I know there’s nothing I can do about it, but it’s making things miserable at work for people who don’t deserve it. I’ll never understand people like this and what they gain from being an a**hole to everyone.

However, I got home to find this little guy waiting for me:


It was a surprise gift from everyone’s favorite Californian. And I wasn’t the only recipient of his thoughtfulness, either.

This little guy is giving me the extra will power to make it through the week.

Blogger Buddies ROCK!

9 thoughts on “It IS easy being Green

  1. You can block him on Facebook. In fact I have a firm policy – I never add people as friends on facebook that I work with. They only get added once I’ve left a place of employment.


  2. Oh for Pete’s sake! Sure, he’s disappointed he didn’t get the promotion, but grow the fuck up, dude! How petty.

    Cool little green guy there! You gonna add him to your work collection, or keep him close to home?
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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