The latest gut episode has passed and I’m feeling mostly back to normal (for me.) It is such a relief to wake up with no pain or discomfort.

I celebrated by having scrambled eggs for breakfast. The only thing I had eaten in the last 24 hours was a mug of broth and a slice of gluten free toast. While my weight could benefit from several weeks of this lack of calories, it is hard to keep going when there’s no fuel in the body and you’re already exhausted from non-stop pain.

Fortunately, these episodes are fewer and far between than they once were, and are only brought on when I try some new med (OTC or Rx), overeat, or get inadvertently “glutened.” Most of that I can control by being careful and making good choices.

Another contributing factor is stress, which I do not manage well, and I’ve had copious amounts of lately. However, life can be stressful, so it’s kind of hard to avoid that all together. My job is the biggest (although not only) source of stress in my life, but I can’t really walk away from my job to remove that source (at least for another 8 years, 1 month and 21 days, but who’s counting?) I just have to learn to manage it better and not make myself sick (literally) worrying about it.

Or I need to get myself a body pillow-sized stress ball.

9 thoughts on “Re-passed

  1. I’m already making plans to start exercising again soon. It might be one of the few legal things I can do to de-stress after work on a daily basis.


  2. LOL!! But who’s counting?
    I’m happy for your pain-free day. Enjoy.
    I wondered about how to manage stress when my two juvenile delinquent children lived with us. They were juveniles, our responsibility. We couldn’t kick them out, so we did the best we could, I was heavily medicated, and we waited them out.
    Sproing is back with us now. He needs to leave, but he’s behaving much better than he did even a year ago, so it isn’t as urgent a thing now.
    I’m rambling. Here’s to better stress management! Cheers!


  3. As I have gotten older I find I don’t get as stressed. I think part of it as I tell everyone is that I’ve pretty much seen every scenario in I.T. I’ve battled with stupid ISP’s, security vendors, etc. And then in home life battled with Cox to tell them they had an issue. To the point where they now send me new gear for free.


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