Time to Change?

It’s that time of year again when I (we all?) will suffer through at least one week of people being late and/or complaining about how having to “lose an hour” to daylight saving time (note: it’s not “savings”) has messed up their schedule and/or awareness of time.


As much as I hate the whole idea of DST, I’ve begrudgingly lived with it for 38 years. I am used to it and manage it quite fine. (For those who might be wondering, I am almost 47, but lived in Arizona for almost 9 years when I was younger, where they don’t do DST.)

Returning to work tomorrow, after a week away, means dozens of emails to pour through and respond to, projects to catch up on, and some other changes that are happening or will happen soon that will require some adjustment on my part. The changes could make things better or worse. Time will tell. (More on that later.)

There are other things on my mind about the future, both immediate and long term, that involve personal and financial decisions, in addition to the professional ones I alluded to, that have me deep in thought this morning. Whenever I’m at a crossroad and/or have decisions to make, I obsess over the potential impact of each choice, weighing the pros and cons, trying to discern which option will make me happier, healthier, or more content, and which option may result in less struggle and stress. I try to boil my choices down to a basic principle I hold: the pay off has to be greater than the price. Unfortunately, since I’m unable to see into the future, it’s usually a guessing game as to the final impact of the road I choose to take, which sometimes leaves me indecisive.

Or maybe it all only seems overwhelming because I had to move my clock’s hour hand ahead 60 minutes this morning.

7 thoughts on “Time to Change?

  1. I’m already dealing with its effects this morning. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel tomorrow morning when I have to wake up at what was once 5:15 am.


  2. Those undefinable variables one must consider when making decisions are vexing, indeed. I can contemplate possible outcomes, but can’t really know what the future situations will be. Frustrating!!


  3. The best way to adjust is to pretend as though Standard Time never existed and start off the first day of DST as if it were another day – with no time adjustment. I happen to enjoy the additional daylight as it means more daylight after work! Naked hugs!


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