No matter what kind of vacation we’ve had – adventurous, relaxing, enjoyable, stressful, short, long, near, far – there is always an adjustment period for us once we’re home again.

We arrived home yesterday morning to a driveway full of snow and a buried car (Mom’s). After a quick hello to Mom and the Dogs, we headed out to shovel and clear out her car. Once we got everything cleared and got Mom on her way, we decided to have a quiet day of relaxation and leave all the other stuff (unpacking and cleaning) for the weekend. We cuddled up with the pups and started binge watching Season 2 of Jessica Jones on Netflix. And that is how we spent our first day back.

This morning, I made gluten free buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, and we finished up the last 4 episodes of JJS2. Then it was time to get to work: We unpacked all our stuff, started the laundry, and then I cleaned out my closet, a job I’ve been putting off for waaaayyy too long. After that, I hit the exercise bike and treadmill, then showered and dressed for the next adventure of the day: grocery shopping. While being home and doing chores may not be as exciting as cocktails by the pool in Key West, it is nice to have some time to do the things we need to do before heading back to work Monday. Plus, no matter how great it is to get away, it’s also great to be back in our own space, with our dogs, with all the creature comfort that make our house a home, be it ever so humble.


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