The Key to happiness?

Tomorrow, we board a 5:45am flight in Connecticut and fly to Key West, Florida for the week, where we’ll celebrate the BF’s 50th Birthday. This will be my first time in Key West, my first time in Florida, and the first time the 4 of us (me, hubby, the BF, and the BF’s hubby) have flown anywhere together (although we’ve vacationed together before.) The Guys have tented a house with a pool near the main strip (Duval Street,) so we’ll be able to relax “at home” while still walkable to restaurants and shops.

Should be a fun time.

11 thoughts on “The Key to happiness?

  1. I’ve seen Ocala, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Tampa, West Palm etc. in Florida. It’s pretty much all flat land. And the weather is sort of nice but every day when I was there in the past it would rain for about 20-30 minutes around 10AM. These huge pits were drainage pits and they’d fill with water. Same 20-30 minutes they’d be empty again.


  2. You’re probably there by now. I hope you have a wonderful trip!
    As you may know, I’m from Florida, though a good bit north of Key West. OK, ALL of Florida is north of Key West. In my experience Florida has thunderstorms most afternoons, but not this time of year. That happens more in the summer. And really, I only went to Key West once, with my grandparents, when I was maybe 4 years old. So really, I have nothing of value to add to this conversation. I simply want to wish you a pleasant voyage. 🙂 love you guys!


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