No Accounting for Nostalgia

I’m not a man often guilty of nostalgia. Oh sure, I have the occasional bout of it  – I’d love my Weebles tree house and haunted house back, I’ll watch cartoons in my pajamas on Saturday morning while eating sugary cereal for an inkling of that familiar feeling of excitement from when I was a child , and I’ve recently started listening to records and casette tapes again – but, generally, I’m good with leaving the past behind me.

Today, we said good-bye to this monstrosity:


This was a 61″ rear projection flatscreen TV that we bought back in 2004 when we purchased our first home. We had a ginormous family room, and this was the perfect (indulgent) size for the space. We sold the house 2 years later, and this TV, with the accompanying heavy-as-all-get-out TV Table it sits on, has followed us to every living space since, always too big for the subsequent spaces we were occupying. When we bought our current home in 2012, this TV started out in our tiny living room, then was moved to the basement where it has remained until today. Since then, we’ve used it only very rarely to watch a movie. It was used most often to stream photos and music from iTunes while I was downstairs knitting with my friend Dave on a semi-weekly basis, or when I was hanging out with my bf Jim doing whatever shenanigans we were getting up to in the basement. Also, since the basement was where I most often indulge my naturist tendencies, it would keep me entertained while I hung out au naturale, reading, coloring, or what have you.

We have made an effort to get rid of this TV before, but its technology is outdated and its just too damn huge for many living spaces, so even when trying to give it away, we’ve gotten no takers. We’ve offered it to friends, family, and posted it on Freecycle and Craigslist, with nary a nibble. However, with my intentions to start “Operation: re-finish  the basement” (aka laughably try to put up walls and a drop ceiling to try to semi refinish my basement) I took another shot at getting rid of it and posted it again on Freecycle and Craigslist last night. This morning, I got a response and, by 12:30pm this afternoon, the TV was on its way to someone else’s home.

Despite the absolute relief that it is finally gone, after 13 years, and really wanting & needing it to be, I couldn’t help feeling a little sad looking at the space it once occupied. This is the TV that we’ve moved several times, found a space for in several homes, on which we’ve watched dozens of favorite movies, streamed favorite photos and both loved and cursed for over a decade.

Of all things, who’d have thought this would evoke even the slightest sense of loss in me.

Go figure. (But, seriously, I am Soooooooooooo glad it’s gone!)

6 thoughts on “No Accounting for Nostalgia

  1. I’m glad you’ll free up some space in the basement. I also have separation anxiety with things that last me a long time but become obsolete. Even with the near-move last year, I still hung on to a Canon 10MP digital camera that to be honest doesn’t take sharp pictures anymore. It’s the one I used to shoot photos for this blog all the time until I got my latest smartphone.


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