Home Sweet Chachka

Yesterday, it started snowing again. By 11:00am, it had accumulated enough that I left work early to try to avoid the worst of the bad road conditions. This is what greeted me on my way out of the building:

Pretty snow covered courtyard


Not so pretty treacherous walkway to the garage


My drive took an extra 20 minutes (over the normal 55 minutes) but I made it home safely, white knuckled and jaw-sore from clenching my teeth (the roads were very slippery, as the new layer of snow covered spots of ice, thanks to our constant sub-zero temps.) Once, home, I took advantage of my afternoon off to finish putting our house back together, which mostly entailed re-populating the curio cabinets with all my statues and figures and re-decorating the merman tree. For those new to my blog, I thought I’d do a little tour around our house and show you some of the things that I miss during the holiday season, when they are stashed away to make room for the holiday decorations.

First up, the aforementioned merman tree:


Which is pre-lit for night-time twinkling


We have the little guys


and the big guys.


Next up, our Steve Walker painting of two men dancing and our collection of brass men and a giraffe on our mantle.


Then there are my See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Monkeys.


Next, another Steve Walker painting and my one of a kind glass giraffe plate in my dining room.


The first of three curio cabinets, this one is filled with my nicest superhero statues and collectibles. The mirror back and glass make it difficult to photograph.


The second cabinet is filled with my Peanuts collection on top. The bottom shelves are for our glass ware.


The Third curio is for my nicest Green Lantern pieces.


This is our mini bar buffet by the stairs.


And finally, my two large pewter Peanuts statues.


All favorite things that make our house very much a home and very “us.”

Last, but not least by any means, Harvey decided he should be included in a list of my favorite things around the house, and I agreed wholeheartedly.



12 thoughts on “Home Sweet Chachka

  1. I love these pictures. I’m especially loving the last cabinet with the Green Lanterns. In case you didn’t visit my blog this afternoon… we’re getting a solo Domino comic in April, and Gail Simone is writing it.


  2. Li’l Harvey in his cosy knitwear brings the tour to a triumphant conclusion. Among all your lovely domestic features he just has to be the main attraction – along with his ‘sis’ of course.


  3. LOVE the tour….wishing I could be so organized and creative. Hope the bar is opening soon.
    Harvey looks so sweet/handsome in his outfit!!


  4. Love your mermen!! I’m delaying the de-Christmas-ing of the house. I love the look of it and honestly would never tire of seeing it decorated this way. Spouse wanted to take it down this passed weekend but I protested. Another week.


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