Thanks for all the well wishes. I’m happy to report that I woke up feeling better and the boys are on their way. Hopefully, our plans will go off without a hitch. It would be nice to break the NYE curse and start 2018 off right.

Jeffrey has the fire going, and we plan to have a quiet leisurely warm, comfortable afternoon with the guys before heading out to an early dinner, then home for a few rounds of “That’s What She Said,” (which is a silly, more PG innuendo game version of Cards against Humanity,) while we wait to ring in the New Year at midnight with champagne before promptly heading to bed.

We’ve spent (or attempted to spend) NYE out and about, at parties, and away from home, but we find we prefer the peace and safety of a quiet evening at home. I guess we’re officially fuddy-duddies.

On another note: It’s a balmy -1 degree out. Rita seems to be handling it ok, but Harvey is having a hard time with it. The cold ground hurts his paws and, within seconds of being outside, he has trouble walking, sometimes before he’s even able to do his business. We have to scoop him up and carry him inside, where we gently warm his paws with our hands by the fire. It’s both adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.

Have a safe, warm, peaceful New Year’s Eve whatever you do.

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11 Responses to Rel-eve-d

  1. Ron says:

    The older I get the more I hate the cold, snow and uce. So looking forward to next month and two weeks in sunny California!

  2. Urspo says:

    One advantage of being behind in blog reads I get to see first the recovery then the woe.
    Many good healthy days for you in 2018 !

  3. javabear says:

    So glad you are well enough to have the guys stay over. Enjoy your evening. We’re staying in also. Watching silly YouTube videos of old films they used to show to high school students in the 50s and 60s, about making wise choices and not engaging in any kind of illicit fun. Hilarious stuff, and the clothing and hair styles are a hoot. This is how Superman and I entertain ourselves. We’re easily entertained.

  4. Happy happy happiest of New Years!
    Oh and how about some boots for Harvey? Will he wear them?

  5. truthspew says:

    We’re going to friends house – but it’s 13F right now. I hate this so much because in addition it snowed yesterday and the previous snow means there’s ice in places you don’t expect, like the parking lot where the Zipcar is located. I did tell the folks at Zipcar about it.

  6. Ravager619 says:

    Glad to year you’re doing so much better. Happy New Year!

  7. Raybeard says:

    Have a nice New Year celebration S/b, and here’s wishing the four of you an ab-fab 2018.
    Sorry abut Harvey’s trouble with the weather Must be excruciating for the little fella, though at least he has two caring daddies to see him through.
    I’ll be retiring about 9 p.m., Patchie and I snuggling up together in the pre-heated bed under the duvet, hoping that the fireworks don’t wake us up, though they always do.
    All the best – and ‘see’ you in a happier, healthier 2018.

  8. YAYZ! I was hoping you would rally before your big night tonight!
    nothing wrong with staying home; we are doing the same. plenty of food and drink in the house. we want for nothing. have a great time!

  9. I am glad you are feeling better. Stay warm and enjoy your evening.

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