New Year’s Evil

Our simple New Year’sEve plans are set: The BF Jim, his hubby and their dog are to arrive tomorrow, mid-day. We will all go out to dinner, then quietly ring in the new year at midnight with a champagne toast and hugs all around.

Once again, however, what I have come to think of as “the New Year’s Curse” has struck again: I’m having gut issues. The major kind that makes moving about, let alone eating, extremely uncomfortable. (I suspect I made a poor choice of eating ham for dinner two nights ago – turns out pork is not my friend.)

Almost without fail, every year something happens to ruin our New Year’s Eve plans: I get sick, Jeffrey gets sick, the weather is bad, or some other nonsense, but more often than not, it’s me and my gut that ruins it.

So, instead of spending the day cleaning and running errands, I spent the day in bed, hoping to rest and let my system get up and running again. The only silver lining is that I got to finish this book…

…and start reading it’s sequel:

Both are fun reads about short lived and one-off failed super-heroes and Super-villains.

Plans are on hold until tomorrow morning, when I will give the guys thumbs up or thumbs down about spending the evening together, depending on how my guts are.

Here’s hoping it’s not an ominous start to the new year.

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Evil

  1. I hope you feel better soon and get to spend time with your friends. I’m spending a quiet NYE at home myself. I’ll blog about that soon.


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