Urge to Purge

This morning began the great purge: ridding the house of sugary holiday treats that are way too tempting and dangerous to keep around. What prompted the purge? Pulling on my “big pants” which have grown snug. Again.


Aside from the purge, I hope to return to regular tread-milling and exercise. The extreme cold and constant work stress sap me energy and will, but I’m going to have to push through and git ‘er done.

In other news:

Rose Marie died. I am a big fan of her character on the Dick Van Dyke Show and the BF and I have been rewatching the series during our visits, as time allows. I have the sads.

A lesbian couple and their two children were brutally murdered in their apartment, 7 miles from our home. There are no suspects yet, but it has us on high alert. I have the fears.

The roads were empty this morning on the way to work. Perhaps New Year’s Day has prompted people to take today off for an extended holiday weekend. I have the regrets.

A am officially dreading the packing up of holiday decorations and the re-assembling of our house on or after New Year’s Day. It will be no less than a two day job, if not more. I have the procrastinations.

Here’s to warmer weather, fewer chores, and better news.

6 thoughts on “Urge to Purge

  1. I too was saddened when I read that Rose Marie had died. Some celebrities hold a special place in our heart. Rise Marie was one of those celebrities who had that effect on me. I saw her goodness through her irrevant manner. She lived a long and good life. “The urge to purge”, I have it too but I doubt I will do anything about it now. When I pass on some thrift shop down here will be overflowing with goodies.
    Have a happy and healthy NewYear!


  2. I just heard this morning that murder was in your city. I hope everything will be fine for you & the husband. I am also facing having to start exercising again, and yet my knee protests my attempts.

    I’m just starting my day, and I hope today prompts many of my agents to close early so half of my work day will be less hectic.


  3. So sad to hear of Rose Marie’s passing. I’ve been following her on Twitter. She recently discovered the platform and was having lots of fun with it.

    Good luck with the purging. It’s something we need to do, too, mainly purging the junque around the house, not as much junk food right now.

    I decorate sparsely for the holidays so packing up is not much of a chore. It’s a trade-off, though. Have a beautiful festive house and spend a lot of time putting it up and putting it away, or keep a dreary poorly decorated house and stay lazy. Have I mentioned that I’m lazy?

    That murder you mentioned is frightening! Oh good lord, I hope you and Jeffrey are OK.


  4. Today is my day to purge too. All of the sugary things are going. I can’t take the temptation. Frequently my students give me holiday “goodies”, and if I ate them all, it wouldn’t be good. So today is the purge. Happy New Year and stay warm!


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