Christmas, Take 2

Twas the day after Christmas….and time to do it all over again. The BF Jim arrived this morning for our Annual “BF Christmas” – a second round of gift swapping, holiday music, snacks and cocktails. Jim and I have been doing second Christmas since our friendship started over 5 years ago.

One of my BF X-mas gifts: a pillow with April, Oliver and Tajiri – the giraffe family we visited for my birthday this past year in May.

We left gifts for Jim’s husband in CT when we attended their holiday party a week ago, and Jeffrey worked today, so he and Jim will swap gifts when he gets home. I suspect there may be a second round of cocktails.

It’s exciting to extend the holiday a bit, each year. We will celebrate New Year’s Eve with Jim and Ken next weekend, then we have “Little Christmas” with my Mom (who was in Phoenix to spend Christmas with my oldest brother.)

After all this celebrating, February is going to seem rather bland by comparison.

7 thoughts on “Christmas, Take 2

  1. What fun! How many vacation days do you have this week? I hope you have a long time to de-stress from work. Superman has the whole week off, which is such a treat. And how great is it that you can have a BF Christmas, too.


  2. I have the solution for your “bland” February. Join us in Palm Springs. Just talked to Spo yesterday and found that we’ll all be there the third week of February. “We” are me, Pat, Doug T and his partner, Spo and Someone and another couple who I haven’t met. Maybe if we’re real lucky that sexy Fearsome Beard will also attend the festivities! Come join us! Let’s make this a Bloogerpalooza we’ll all remember.👍😜


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