A Solchriskwanzikamadanmas Miracle

For those who have lost sleep and agonized over my lack of Rice Crispie Treats for this Solchriskwanzikamadanmas Season, your suffering for my loss has come to an end:

Braving the mobs of procrastinating last minute shoppers, we made a run to yet another local grocery store for a few items Jeffrey wanted. Since we were there anyway, I took one more stab at locating a gluten free rice crispie cereal and some gluten free marshmallows. Much to my joy, I found some cereal but, sadly no gf marshmallows. Jeffrey suggested we check some Marshmallow Fluff and – VOILA! – Gluten Free! So we rushed home and I immediately made some Rice Crispie Squares:

Holiday joy fills my home, hearth and heart once again.

Just wish I had found this before I cut up the stockings into pieces, destroyed all the presents, and burned the tree down.

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