Holiday Headstart

Yesterday was a standout of stressful days at work, so I decided to take a mental health day today and get a head start on my 4 day (now 5 day) holiday weekend.

In our house, more than gifts and decorations, the holidays are about yummy-for-the-tummy treats, so I headed to the grocery store just before 7:00 am this morning to try and beat the crowds and get all my shopping done. I had to buy baking supplies and dinner supplies for the long weekend. It was snowing out so, although a little slick at points, it was very pretty to drive in. As soon as I got home, I started baking, and when all was said and done, several hours later, this is what I had to show for my efforts:


Labeled above, you’ll see my shopping and baking efforts (all gluten free goodies), plus one tin of gluten-filled cookies baked by a friend of mine and sent to us for Jeffrey’s enjoyment. Way more sweets than anyone needs, but I like variety. Not shown are the deviled eggs, BLT dip, and Garbage Bread I prepped and put in the fridge.

My only disappointment was that I really wanted to make gluten free rice crispie treats (my all time favorite treats) but I could not find gluten free rice crispies cereal or gluten free marshmallows to make them with (they exist – I’ve had them – but I couldn’t find them at my local stores.)

Although exhausted from baking and doing all those dishes over and over again (our dishwasher is broke and I needed to use several dishes over again) I still managed to run out in the snow (again) to pick up my comic books (nothing better than spending a Saturday morning reading comics under blankets with coffee and puppies,) do laundry, and sweep and vacuum before Jeffrey got home.

Once Jeffrey was home, he built a fire, we ordered delivery for dinner (to give me a break from kitchen duty) and I whipped up a couple of new cocktails I’ve been eager to try. “Green Lantern Cocktails.” I stumbled across the recipe while doing some random google search for something and, of course, I HAD to try them. Its made with Gin, Kiwi, Viognier White Wine, Lime juice and Simple Syrup These are the things with which I needed to make them:


And this is what they look like, mixed:


Yummy! We really like them.

Once these were mixed, and dinner had arrived, we retired to the Living Room to relax and enjoy our dinner, drinks, and watch a holiday special or two, when we discovered Rita Mae and Harvey had beat us to the punch:


It’s a dog’s life around here, for sure!

Tonight’s feature presentation: Rudolph, a terrible story about misfits being rejected until they’re useful.



However, I love Hermey the Elf and can totally related to him hating his job and wanting to do something different. Plus, I love the Misfit Toys (especially Charlie in a Box) and I love how the misfits band together to look out for one another. (F*ck you, Daddy Donner, Santa, Elf Foreman, and bullying Reindeer for rejecting Hermey and Rudolph!)

With all the wrapping, shopping, baking, meal prep and cleaning done, I get to just enjoy the next four days.

Now THAT’S a Happy Holiday to me!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Headstart

    • Crap! I hadn’t considered it wouldn’t be legible once posted. So here’s what I made:

      Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Peanut Butter Cookies
      Glazed Sugar Cookies
      Chocolate Dipped Coconut Truffles
      Banana Bread
      Chex Mix (Chex, walnuts, dried cranberries and blue berries.)

      I bought gluten free donuts (glazed, powdered and cinnamon), Blue Berry Muffins, and Pecan Pie.


  1. Just one word – Awwwwwww! (And you can guess why!)

    Have a happy one, S/b – and not just you but also to J. and the ‘Awwwww’ kids – plus anyone else you wish to include.


  2. That sounds lovely. I especially like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. The Island of Misfit Toys reminds me so much of my Oakland Raiders from the 70s and 80s. The players no one wanted band together and become Super Bowl Champions.


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