6 thoughts on “Pity Party Postscript

  1. my classical radio station has a commercial “listen to us at work and abolish all your stress”. right now, the only way I want to abolish all my stress at work is to kill all 6 co-workers! bobdamn, they are being a PIMA (pain in my ass)! instead of one of your fabu cosmos, I had a glass of eggnog (spiked) tonight.


  2. The perfect prescription for your needs – both oral and aural (if you know what I mean). With two doggie companions + J, and your bliss would surely be complete!


  3. Happy it works for you. Me, I’m pretty much always found with headphones on, listening to lots of good music. Right now it’s Earth Wind & Fire from their Illumination album a track called “The One”. Then of course there’s the bluetooth speaker in the kitchen, one in the shower etc.


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