Let me entertain you

For the first time in ages, we are hosting a small gathering at our house tomorrow night (for a handful of my co-workers.) To that end, I spent the last 11 hours cooking, baking, and cleaning every square inch of my house.

Now I know why it’s been ages since we entertained.

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6 Responses to Let me entertain you

  1. Urspo says:

    It is a lot of work. It is easier if you keep practicing

  2. truthspew says:

    Have fun! And you remind me of a line from Outkast – “And you’ve got company coming over, so you clean up extra hard.”

  3. Ravager619 says:

    Good luck with the party. One day, I’ll be doing the same for friends and family myself.

  4. Good luck with your soiree! And now your house is clean too!

  5. javabear says:

    Sounds exciting and exhausting. I hope you have a wonderful gathering.
    P.S. I just posted, like, THREE blog posts over on my life, or something like it! Go check it out.
    P.P.S. I love you.

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