Sunday Funday

After two days of decorating, I was tired and achey and needed a well-earned break from chores.

We went to an early showing (10am) of “Justice League”, then tried to go see a 1:20 showing of “Thor Ragnorak” but the line, at the theater we were going to see it, was out the door, so we skipped it and went shopping instead. I got my comic books, gifts for my Mom, and groceries before heading home.

It was very cold today so, once home, Jeffrey built a fire and we watched episodes of “Game of Thrones.” Jeffrey has already seen it, but I am late to the party and only started watching this series Friday night. We’ve made it through 1.5 Seasons, so I have 5.5 seasons to go to be caught up before Season 8 comes out. I’m really enjoying it (except for the violence, that I have to cover my eyes for.)

For dinner, I made an old favorite: gluten free chicken pot pie casserole. A simple, delicious, tummy warming meal for a cold night.

We are ending the evening with a final episode of GoT and a glass of wine by the combined light of our Xmas lights and the dwindling fire.

A relaxing, enjoyable end to the weekend, for sure.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. I’m glad you had fun, and I’m waiting for JL and TR to be available for rental. Now that I think about it, I’ve got a lot of Marvel movies I need to rent someday.


  2. I just got into “Game of Thrones” too! I’m up to season 6 already after starting watching it last month. I watch two episodes each Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Ah yes, the excessive violence and tits and pussy is a bit much but what characters and story lines and scenery! It gets better with each episode. My friend Larry and I review and discuss the episodes the next day. Pat hasn’t seen it yet and is reluctant because of all the gore but I expect him to sucemb soon. My only problem is going into withdrawal after the series ends!


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