Daunting Decorations

Well, it only took 20 bins, 14 hours over the course of 2 Days, and one last minute run to Michael’s Craft Store and Lowe’s Home Goods, but our home is officially decorated for the holidays.

As is the case each year, I ask myself why we do this every year, as I’m doing it. It’s so much work and effort. But then, when it’s all finished, I remember why we do it. While I dislike the decorating part, I love the decorated part.

And, while in some homes, seeing Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the official start of the Christmas holiday, at Breen Acres, it’s placing the Christmas Giraffes by the tree that kicks off the season for us.

11 thoughts on “Daunting Decorations

  1. One thing is interesting. Ever since I finally told lots of people I disbelieve in God/The Devil and all that claptrap and even have pretty certain knowledge that the Christ never existed. And so it sort of puts the kibosh on xmas.


    • I’m an atheist. Christmas (in our house) is completely secular. I stopped celebrating it for awhile, but I grew up with it, so it’s cultural and it felt weird to me giving it up. Now we just enjoy the decorating, treats and gift giving without all the “god bologna.” But I get why many people give it up altogether.


    • Same here, Truthspew. It’s great for people who enjoy celebrating the traditions to get into it like SassyBear does. I’m not into decorating, or celebrating, and it’s taken such a load off my stress levels to more or less ignore the holiday. I exchange gifts with my immediate family, but otherwise we ignore it around our house.

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