We are on the road and finishing the last leg of our journey to Arizona and back. We should be home in upstate New York by this afternoon, barring any unforeseen circumstances. 

While I’m not looking forward to returning to work and medical appointments and all the trappings of the rat race and life maintenance, there is one thing that I am looking forward to, above all else…seeing our dogs,  Harvey and Rita Mae, again:

There has been enough distraction on this journey to keep my focus away from thinking about these two so far away, each day, but now that my focus has returned to getting home today, all I can think about is seeing these two, being bombarded with licks, tail wags, and yips of joy and hugging and petting them and kissing their adorable little furry heads. There is no warmer welcome home than that received from a beloved pet or two (or more.) 

These two are definitely my constant silver lining in life.

8 thoughts on “Im-pet-us

  1. Aren’t these two just about the best you’ve EVER seen? Impossible to pick one, they both being so lovingly attractive, but must make the observation that it’s quite remarkable how Harvey manages to maintain his ‘cartoon-like’ good looks even though he must be way beyond the puppy stage by now. (Love you just as much, Rita Mae!)


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