Moving right along

We’re back in the car and on the road to Amarillo, Texas.

Friday night we stayed over in Buffalo, NY and last night we stayed over in St. Louis, MO. I don’t have any pictures to share because we don’t really have time to do any exploring or sightseeing. We’re trying to get to Arizona as soon as possible, so we’re doing 12 hour drives, then checking into hotels, grabbing dinner and getting to bed so we can get up early to get the next leg of our journey started.  However, Jeffrey took this picture of the Arch as we entered St. Louis, which is as close as we got to it, unfortunately:

The drive, so far, has been really relaxing and not as stressful or difficult as I worried it might be. My only regret is that we don’t have more time off to stop and explore along the way. 

10 thoughts on “Moving right along

  1. Your photo of the arch is about as much as you want to see of it really, she said, as she had been there and was not impressed by the underground entrance and the thought of a claustrophobic ride in a cage inside the arch to the top.
    Have fun with the Spos!


    • Yes, I agree. Wouldn’t do the cage to the top of the arch at all. I did kinda like the underground entrance and the history of the thing. But for Sassybear, that’s for another time.


  2. I’m glad you’re getting to see all of these things on your journey to AZ. I need to take another trip on Route 66 here in California again soon.


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