Popular Paws

Once again, (Wonder) Rita Mae and (Super) Harvey were the hit of Halloween, hanging out on the back of the couch to watch the kids come and go, much to the delight of the people stopping by for candy.

We all survived the night. We almost ran out of candy, thanks to lots of visitors and Mom’s generous portions. She did all the hard work, while we just sipped wine and watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “Hocus Pocus.”

Tonight, we finish getting ready for our next big adventure. 

Stay tuned. 

5 thoughts on “Popular Paws

  1. They must have revelled in all the friendly attention they got from total strangers – and given much entertainment with their excited antic themselves.
    As for you ‘next (really) big adventure, we can’t wait!


  2. What fun! SuperHarvey and WonderRitaMae are fabulous.
    At our house Superman wore his Viking helmet. The kids around here don’t know from Vikings, evidently. One youngster asked Clint if he was a cow. That was my favorite moment of the evening. 🙂


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