Halloween hoopla 

This is the look of two dogs who are not happy about Halloween…because it means having to wear their costumes and hear the doorbell ring over and over. 

Although we spent most of our years together turning out lights and hiding out in a room watching TV and avoiding Halloween altogether, when hubby and I bought a house in a neighborhood full of families and children, we decided to be congenial neighbors and participate in the Annual tradition of contributing to the patient pool for dentists. 

But, I really hate answering the door over and over and handing out candy, and Jeffrey can’t be trusted because he hands out handfuls at a time (which, I’m convinced, is why we’ve gotten so many trick-or-treaters year after year.)

Fortunately, my Mom lives nearby and never gets visitors on her dark, quiet street so, for the past few years, she’s come to our house to hand out the candy. She loves this holiday, and children, so stick young kids in costumes and she’s in absolute bliss. 

Fun for her and it leaves us free to drink cocktails and avoid interacting with the little beggars altogether. It’s a win-win situation.

5 thoughts on “Halloween hoopla 

  1. I’d guess from those apprehensive looks (especially little H’s), there are going to be a couple of frightened expressions once those pesky bangs and whooshes start. Some comforting will be called for.


  2. This is similar to the situation I have with my best friend. However, I probably won’t do it this year. At least my gaming rig is waiting for me in my spare bedroom if I choose to “hide”.


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