On the go (home)

We’re in the car and on the way home from Delaware. It was a nice trip, and my health held out for the duration, fortunately.
Yesterday, the weather was dreary – overcast with scattered drops of misty rain – so after an aborted walk about town, we hopped in the car and headed to nearby Ocean City, MD for some shopping and exploration. It was a fun, spontaneous excursion, which ended with a nice lunch at a waterside restaurant, Mickey Fin’s, before heading back to the house to rest and freshen up for Jeffrey’s birthday dinner at Dos Locos.  We were very excited that these guys could join us for dinner:

It was great catching up over dinner and cocktails. After dinner, Jeffrey was presented with a sombrero and free dessert, complete with a lit candle and a round of “Happy Birthday”:

Then we all headed back to the house for cocktails, birthday cake and ice cream.  I had ordered a gluten free German Chocolate cake (Jeffrey’s favorite) from a local baker, who had kindly delivered it to the house earlier in the day:

The cake was delicious, and it was great to catch up with the Delaware guys. We stayed up too late, not wanting the reunion to end, but eventually gave in and called it a night, promising to return for a longer visit soon.

All in a all, a great trip, but we’re eager to get home and to see our dogs and be in our own space again. 

9 thoughts on “On the go (home)

  1. Glad to hear it all went well for you. We had to nip over to Market Basket and Trader Joe’s today. At MB I got Kerry Gold Unsalted Butter, and the Chocolatini coffee creamer we love, and something for lunch. At TJ’s we got the flowers we usually get on Saturdays but this past we got there late and someone had raided all the good stuff so we went back today.


  2. Always nice to go on a holiday/trip and even nice to return to the comfort of our own home. I’m glad you had a good time. I’ll be returning myself to Delaware from Hamilton this Sunday. Boy, does the time ever go fast when one is having a grand time.
    Have a safe trip.


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