Despite my recent health issues (that seem to want to linger like a drunk, clingy bar troll who won’t take “no” for an answer,) I’m pushing through and getting through my work days and home responsibilities as needed. Focusing on what I can control helps me deal with what I can’t.

In 8  days, we are packing our bags again and heading to Rehoboth Beach to celebrate my husband’s 50th Birthday. Jeffrey has been my rock and my caretaker for almost 20 years, and made every one of my birthdays and holidays special. Although he’s more low key than I am, I pushed him to do something more than just have dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate.  We’ve visited Delaware twice, once for a Blogger gathering, and once to visit friends we met through that get together, and we’ve always wanted to go back, so Jeffrey agreed Rehoboth Beach would be a great place to celebrate his special day. We will head out next Thursday and stay over in King of Prussia to reconnect with another Blogger Buddy, then head into RB the next day to meet up with the BF Jim and his hubby at the house were renting for the weekend. We’re excited to be going back, and that the previously mentioned friends will be joining us for Jeffrey’s birthday dinner.

So I will focus on getting ready for this trip and keeping my fingers crossed that I’m feeling better by then. Jeffrey deserves a great birthday and, by gum, he’s getting one!

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