Sassy Swag

It was a “new swag” heavy Monday, this week:

A co-worker rescued this awesome Wonder Woman lamp, for me, from a family yard sale, and presented it to me Monday morning at work:

I absolutely love it, and it looks great on my desk at work.

On the way home Monday, I stopped and picked up some Record Albums that someone was giving away, free, which I discovered on Freecycle.

I’ve given much away on Freecycle, but this is the first time I’ve taken something someone else offered. It’s a sweet collection of music, and if even half of these records play well, I’ll be excited.

When I got home Monday, these were waiting for me in on my doorstep:

Our new bear paw print fingertip towels for our bear-themed guest…

…and our two final art pieces for our upstairs giraffe colored guest bathroom:

Monday night, we had friends over for dinner and they brought us flowers, a sweet (and rare) gesture:

Lest you think it was a perfect Monday, however, I’ll admit there was a bad moment. We instituted a punishment at work for those on our team who walk away from their desk and leave a shared spreadsheet open so that none of us can update it until they return.  If you’re caught doing this, you have to wear a pair of  those goofy nose & mustache glasses for the length of time we had to wait for you to return to your desk. Guess who got caught?


7 thoughts on “Sassy Swag

  1. How thoughtful of your co-worker! It’s nice to know people at work like you, I find, at least to a certain extent. Unfortunately, I usually end up being some woman’s GBF who then has to hear all the non-stop drama in her life, which becomes so psychologically draining that it starts to affect my health. Nowadays, I’m all about “friendly” vs. friends at work. Of course, that then runs the trouble of one being perceived as not being a “team player” (a pox on whatever business school invented that term!). It could always be worse: I could be unemployed.

    When you wrote “giraffe colored guest bathroom”, I have to admit I was half-expecting yellow walls with brown spots. Love the art!

    And thanks again for your info regarding the Iceman comics! Now I have to track down a comics store, but I think there are 2 not far away from me. I’ve decided I will try just the new series, to start with.


    • I agree with the “friends” vs “friendly” concept. I don’t socialize with coworkers outside of the office/work day.

      I was going to say “giraffe themed” but it’s really not. It’s just yellow ad orange with a few Giraffe images.

      I think starting with the new Iceman series is the way to go. Let me know if you have trouble finding the first 4 issues, and I’ll look here for them.


      • Thanks for your offer of help to locate the issues. Believe it or not, I found I could read them online FREE. I’m not sure how that’s legal, and I am sorry not to be supporting Marvel and comic book stores financially, but it sure was handy. The website is and I didn’t even have to register.


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