Sassybear & Spouse’s Sunday in Suburbia

It was quite a productive day for us. I mowed the lawn, Jeffrey cleaned the gutters, we straightened up the garage, did laundry, and cleaned off the patio. Then we headed out with the SOLE intention of buying 2 new hanging plants for our outside pavilion and picking up some fish, for me, at a local fish market we discovered on line.

We stopped at a local yard and garden business (Hewett’s) to pick up some hanging plants, and made the mistake of perusing the rest of the store. All of their patio furniture was on sale. Really good, on sale. After a lot – I mean a LOT – of discussion, resistance, hesitation, haggling and debating – we impulse bought 2 additions to our outside furniture:

A small Bistro set for our screened in porch:

…and this really cool, 2-person lounge chair…

Which, or course, I had to try out, with the dogs, once we got it home and assembled:

So far, we’ve had no buyers remorse, and it is as comfortable as it looks, although I keep referring to it as the “Flinstones chair,” because it reminds me of this:


The local fish market was a hoot. They had some great selections, so I grabbed a tuna steak, swordfish steak, and some scallions. I also noticed their were several gluten free options at their prepared food counter (yay), so I got three gluten free soups (including Gazpacho.)  The woman who waited on us (Jean) is the co-owner, with her husband (Jim.) She introduced herself, shook my hand, and gave me the three soups for the price of two (“on her”) to welcome us to the store. What a pleasant experience. We will definitely be returning their soon, and make this store our “go to” for all my seafood needs.

All in all, it was fun, and surprisingly pleasant, outing and Sunday.

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